Chamber Music

To me, the term 'piano literature' applies to any and all works that utilize the piano.

Having such a diverse and thorough musical training in multiple disciplines lead to a broad expanse of musical interests.  Seeing no difference in the merits of works written for solo piano and those that encompass expressive partnerships with other instruments or singers, a lifetime of investment in multiple disciplines involving great music leads to a single perspective and musical aesthetic.

Recent collaborative projects can be offered, including:

Beethoven:  Complete Sonatas for Piano & Violin:  Three programs

Brahms:  Complete Chamber Music with Piano:  Seven programs (including all Sonatas, Trios, Quartets and Quintet)

Collaborations with instrumentalists and singers are always welcomed. Repertoire also includes all standard works for Strings, Woodwind and Brass, Lieder and art song as well as numerous contemporary works.  A significant repertoire of works for Saxophone & Piano as well as major works by Denisov, Elliott Carter and Frederick Rzewski's Antigone-Legend for soprano & piano.